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Dear Friends,

They often come with only the clothes on their back. They’re infants. They’re teenagers. They’re toddlers and young children. They arrive in the light of day … and in the dead of night.

But all have one thing in common. All have been
pulled – often suddenly – from their homes. And all
desperately need shelter – a safe haven that provides food,
clothing, support, and a good measure of hope.

That haven is the Salvation Army Children’s Shelter. It is a place that provides
a secure environment, food, clothing, counseling, transportation to school and medical care, school supplies and more. It offers a sympathetic staff willing
to listen while providing guidance and support.

We celebrate special events to provide spots of happiness to children experiencing trauma and challenges that many of us will never have to face.

But it comes at no small cost. That’s why The Salvation Army
Women’s Auxiliary every year reaches out to those who love
children. We hope you can take the time to peruse the shelter’s most critical needs. Your donation is 100 percent tax-deductible. 

Please join us in supporting our Children’s Shelter. It’s not often one can nurture hope … and offer encouragement and strength needed to help these children navigate a difficult world.

Kay Roscoe, President
The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

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We promise to honor your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs shown in this catalog represent many of the burdens that The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary works to lift. Each item is representative of the category in which it appears.

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